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We want our work to give you peace of mind in knowing that you have the full truth.

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Most people have never used a private investigator before. We know when a client calls they are usually a little hesitant and under a lot of stress. Our goal is to relieve you of that stress and to get you the information you ask for. We have the same client confidentiality standards you would have with an attorney.

Our specialty is infidelity cases in St. Louis, St. Charles, St. Peters, O'Fallon, and surrounding areas of the St. Louis Metropolitan area. If you suspect your spouse or significant other is being unfaithful, you should call us for help now. Your friends can only help so much, and the internet may only help a little better, but we at Stealth Private Investigations can help you the most.

We’ve handled these cases before, we know how to do it and we have the equipment to get it done. We will be able to get you in-depth information through our private data bases, we will give you video of the surveillance assignments. We’ll be there the whole time to aid and advise you. Your needs are our concern.

Not being an oversized firm, your case won’t get lost or put on the back burner. You will receive personal service with frequent progress reports. We are not a Jack-of-all-trades agency, we concentrate on special areas of investigation. SPI is who you need if you have an unfaithful spouse. Our fees will fit your budget.

We don’t make you fill out a case request online, we will meet with you personally to answer all your questions and get you the needed information for your case. It’s a no-cost personal evaluation of your case and we’ll advise you if the investigation should proceed.


I had suspicions about my wife’s activities while I was out of town on business. SPI was able to get all the information I needed to confirm those suspicions and more. Their professionalism and understanding helped me when I had no one else to turn to.
Martin SPI Client
Jeff was very considerate of my budget and still got exactly the information I needed. He worked very closely with me and kept me up to date. If I would ever need a private detective again Jeff would be my choice.
Renee SPI Client
Jeff explained my costs and alternatives up front. He was literally there 24/7 and kept me up to date with progress reports. He got all the information I requested. I highly recommend SPI.
Jerry SPI Client
I’d recommend SPI anytime. Jeff was brilliant, I would have never been able to get the information I asked him to get for me. I especially appreciated his compassion and understanding. I was very upset and concerned but he put me at ease.
Kristina SPI Client
I was sure my husband was going to meet his mistress when he said he was going on a hunting trip. Jeff watched him the whole time and sent me video. He put my mind at ease knowing my husband was just hunting with his friends.
Julie SPI Client


How much does it cost to hire a PI?
We usually charge by the hour. Rates depend on the type of work being done. We have a retainer form that explains all fees. The depth of the investigation will determine the cost. The less information you need to know the lower the cost. We also offer special packages for lower cost investigations. We can normally work within a person’s budget.
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept credit cards, checks and cash. We understand that our clients may not wish anyone to know what they are spending their money for.
Do you use a GPS tracker?
Yes, in certain cases we will use a GPS tracker.
Can you tap a cell phone for me?
No, it is illegal to tap some ones cell phone unless it belongs to you and you tell the person that is using it that it is tapped. We can possibly help you there in other ways though.
Can I go with you on your stakeouts?
How do you keep someone from knowing they’re being videoed in a restaurant or bar?
We have covert video cameras disguised as everyday objects.
Do you only handle infidelity cases?
No, we specialize in infidelity cases but we have other services (i.e. missing persons, insurance fraud, etc.).
Can you get video at night?
Yes, we have cameras with infrared capabilities. We also have audio bugs, covert hidden cameras GPS's and more.