Mobile Surveillance

Being a private investigator requires many skills beyond knowing how to drive and take photos. If you’ve ever tried following a friend’s car to a restaurant, for example, you know how easy it is to lose them on the highway or a traffic light “and this is when they want you to follow them!”

So imagine trying to follow someone who doesn’t want to be followed, you may not know the intended destination, and you’re trying to avoid being obvious and getting caught. A private investigator has to be not only constantly aware of a subject’s every move, but also able to anticipate likely actions. Because moving surveillance is so difficult, it is sometimes recommended for multiple agents to be on the case at the same time or, at the very least, for a private investigator to change attire or even vehicles during a surveillance case. There have been situations where people have received tickets, or worse yet, have had accidents which cost them a lot more than a private investigator costs and they still didn’t get the information they were looking for.

Technology and Infidelity

As technology improves infidelity becomes more prevalent. In the past a bored, unhappy spouse would need to have a cheating situation just drop into their lap or they would have to go out to bars or gyms to hunt for someone to cheat with. They would have to feel someone out, read their reactions to see if they are of a like mind to cheat. It was more difficult and thus a spouse that wanted to cheat had to go out of their way to make it happen.

Today things have changed drastically for a cheating spouse to find someone to be unfaithful with. The internet is loaded with websites for cheaters to meet other cheaters. If an unfaithful spouse isn’t that reckless, or is more particular with their search, they can go to numerous social media sites to find people they had known or had a relationship with in the past. The most famous of which is Facebook. People search for old boyfriends or girlfriends or maybe just someone they had never had a relationship with but would have liked to. These old flames can be living anywhere, not just down the street, and the cheater can find them with ease. Of course it’s easier to find a man because he normally doesn’t change his name when he gets married. The women have overcome that problem by using their maiden name as a middle name so people can find them. Some women don’t even use their married name at all.

Finding someone to cheat with is just one way the internet has contributed to the increase in unfaithful spouses. Technology has aided this behavior in other ways too. Now people can communicate with ease at any time and from anywhere. The smartphone is used by some not so smart people for cheating purposes. They can text their paramour while you’re sitting right there in front of them. They set up times and places to meet, they have guidance to places they’ve never been, they send loving or sexy messages and photos to each other. They text each other that they’re at the rendezvous and waiting. The cheater uses their cell phone to call their faithful spouse and ensure them that they are shopping or running errands when in fact they are with their cheating lover. I’ve been a private investigator for several years in the Saint Louis metropolitan area and have seen the cheater call their spouse numerous times while holding hands with their lover. If this technology were not available, the number of cheaters would significantly be reduced.

A cheating spouse uses these devices to help them in their unfaithful behavior but what they don’t realize is technology can also help expose and catch them red handed. Technology has helped reduce the costs of an investigation considerably. A lot of the leg work required in the past can now be done on a computer.

If you have a cheating spouse and want to find out the truth at an affordable price, call us at “Stealth Private Investigations”. We cover all of Missouri but of course the further it is from Saint Louis the more it will cost. We can work something out just give us a call, it's free. 314-329-7151.

The Busy Season

The next few months are the busy months for private investigators of infidelity cases. We have Christmas, New Years and in February, Valentine’s Day. On these occasions the person your spouse is cheating with wants to feel special, they want to feel they are more important than you are. So on these special dates they try to pressure your spouse into spending time with them.

If your cheating spouse is making excuses why they have to be away at these times it’s time to hire an infidelity private detective from “Stealth Private Investigations”. Whether you live in St. Louis, St. Charles or the surrounding area we can get you the information you need about your cheating spouse at the most affordable rates. You deserve to know the truth.

You don’t deserve your spouse spending the families’ hard earned money on someone else or bringing home any STD. They shouldn’t be spending “quality time” with someone else instead of with you or the children. It’s easier to make decisions and confront the situation head on if you know the truth and have the facts. Its money well spent, a cheating spouse confronted with the truth will sometimes mend their ways and if they don’t you will at least have material to use to your advantage in a child custody case.

Call Stealth Private Investigations at 314-329-7151 for a free consultation. We’ll meet you in an innocent environment in the event you fear being followed or tracked on your phone. Let us explain the different ways we can conduct an investigation and the different ways we can make it more affordable for you. After talking to some of the other investigation agencies you may be surprised at how much less it costs to hire a private investigator at Stealth Private Investigations.

An Affordable Investigation

I have just finished a case for a client who had originally hired one of those “large all-purpose Investigative firms”. They ended up charging him more for a mere 5 3/4hrs. of work than I charged him after solving his case. They provided him with no new information and did not achieve the results he wanted. If you’re having infidelity issues with your spouse or significant other give us a call at Stealth Private Investigations 314-329-7151.


As stated in PI Magazine,

"It's common for private investigators to have clients sign a PI Retainer Agreement before commencing any investigation. A Retainer Agreement protects both the client and the investigator. It should clearly state what services the investigator is being hired to perform, at what rate, and detail all the terms and conditions pertaining to the investigation. The Retainer Fee represents the budget you have allocated for the investigation and investigators will usually never commence work without a retainer. The main product/service investigators provide is information. As such, the retainer allows for the investigator to provide the client with the information developed without fear of not getting paid."

Why Hire a Private Investigator?

You may be asking yourself, "Why do I need to hire a PI or Private Investigator?"

Private Investigators are very familiar with the art of undercover and surveillance work. You may be putting yourself in danger if you try to perform your own investigation. Tailing and surveillance may put you in areas where it’s not safe at night or even in the day for that matter. You’re very likely to blow your cover, especially if you’re known by the person you’re surveilling. This too can be dangerous if that person is of a violent nature. If they notice you they can call the police and have you arrested for stalking. Private investigators aren’t arrested for stalking, that’s their job, and the law knows there’s no harm intended. You also have to know the laws, you can’t just go around videoing someone and expect it to hold up in court. Or if you got the video in an illegal way you may be the one that’s in court defending yourself. There are many other reasons why you need to hire a PI but I’ll get into them at a later time. Play it safe and hire a PI.

Continuing Profession Education

Hiring a licensed private investigator is important for many reasons one of which is the CPE required by the state of Missouri for it's investigators. I have just finished my 16 hours of training for this time period. This year I restudied "Ethics" and "Surveillance".

Certificate of Completion in Ethics from PIeducation
Certificate of Completion in Ethics from PIeducation

Hire a Professional

It’s wise to hire a PI for infidelity/adultery cases. Several of my clients have revealed their suspicions of infidelity to their partner making it much more difficult to find out what they are doing. Believe me, you cannot tail someone in your car without them seeing you or you getting a ticket. If you did happen to see who they are with you won’t be able to find out who that person is without giving yourself away. You won’t be able to get a background check on the person. I’ve had client’s locations and conversations monitored because their partner new they were under suspicion. This makes an investigation more difficult and expensive. The bottom line is, hire a PI to get the facts and put your mind at ease.

Interesting Article on Private Investigation

PI Magazine just published an interesting article about online investigative sites. Clients were using them disrupting investigations and getting bogus information. They compared databases restricted to investigators with sites like PeopleFinder, Intellius, and BeenVerified